Massage, with intention.

For whatever your body is experiencing—pain, tension, imbalance, or simply a need for downtime—we want to help you feel better. We do this by being present for you, and using our expertise and intuition to help you relax and heal. We believe this level of intention results in a more personalized, elevated massage experience and outcome.

All of our massages include complimentary aromatherapy and hot towel treatments. Before your massage, we invite you to relax in our serenity room and sauna.

Customized Massage​

Starting at $55

A combination of massage techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release and other modalities are used to increase circulation, relieve muscle soreness and induce a state of total relaxation. Pressure will vary based on your preference. Customized to suit your specific needs after a consultation with one of our licensed therapists.

Thirty Minutes • $55
Sixty Minutes • $108
Seventy five Minutes • $125
Ninety Minutes • $135
2 hours •$225
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Dry Cupping with Massage​

Starting at $65

Cupping is a technique used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Cupping can help stimulate blood and oxygen flow within the skin, muscle and fascia. It may assist in relieving congestion of stagnant blood and scar tissue from previous injuries. During a session, cups are used to soften muscle tissue and break down adhesions in connective tissue. A certified cupping therapist will consult with you on specific issues.

Thirty Minutes • $65
Sixty Minutes • $120
Ninety Minutes • $150
Add to 30,60,90 minute massage • $30
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Pregnancy Massage​

Starting at $120

A relaxing and supportive treatment for mommies-to-be. The body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Massage can help ease discomfort during pregnancy as well as assist with mental and physical fatigue relief.
**Available only to those in their second and third trimesters.

Sixty minutes • $120
Seventy five minutes • $130
Ninety minutes • $145
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Hot Stone Massage

Starting at $120

Smooth, palm sized basalt rocks are heated and used to enhance the massage session. The heat from the stones helps penetrate deeper into your muscle tissue inducing deep relaxation without overheating.

Sixty Minutes • $120
Seventy five Minutes • $130
Ninety Minutes • $150
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Couples Massage

Starting at $228

Rejuvenation in tandem with 60 minutes of bodily bliss. Enjoy a customized massage with your favorite person; relaxation and rejuvenation can be even more delightful when the experience is shared! After your service, relax in our lounge with a beverage of your choice.

Sixty Minutes • $228
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Life may not always be a day at the spa—but a day can be!

Inside these walls, we believe self-care isn’t an indulgence—it’s essential! We all need pampering. The wisest among us know that self-care is vital to maintaining balance. Our spa day packages are designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul—and make great gifts.