Give your eyes a burst of wow.

Frame your eyes with carefree lashes for an active lifestyle. Define your brows to add more pop. Our brow and lash services will make just the right impact!

Lash Tint & Lift


Using Ellebana brand, the lash lift curls your lashes from base to tip so you can see their full length. Lash lifts are great if you want a more natural, 'look how great my lashes look without anything on them,' effect. Lash lifts literally require no maintenance and last approximately 6-8 weeks.

Lift Only $77
Tint Only $35
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Brow Lamination


Brow lamination gives you a fuller eyebrow shape in minutes. This service creates volume for thin, sparse eyebrows. It can also tame and shape the unruliest of brows. The results are GORGEOUS and visible right away. The lamination effect last for approximately 6-8 weeks. A more natural alternative to microblading.

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Brow Makeover

A simple combination of brow waxing and shaping finishing with a gorgeous tint to give your eyes the perfect frame.

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